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Divorce/Child Custody Products

DIYD Legal Software is a new program that makes the preparation of your client’s domestic relations documents simple. You only need to enter the information once and it flows from one document to the next. If you need to make a change, you make the change once and the change is made in every document.

DIYD Legal Software allows you to prepare all documents that you might need in any domestic relations case (dissolution, legal separation or invalidity) whether it be dissolution of marriage or a legal separation for domestic partners.

  • The Adoption Software is our newest module. It contains the basic documents required for a Step Parent, Relative, or Non-Relative Adoption. Additional forms will be added at attorneys' request.
  • Child Custody Software  will be released the first week of July 2016 with all the updated forms.
  • The Divorce Software  includes all mandatory Domestic Relations form, as well as Child Support Worksheet calculations and Financial Declaration calculations. Our program allows you to determine the child support amount to the penny. Includes Attachment for Residential Split Adjustment as well as Whole Family Method.

DIYD Legal Software was created by the Do It Yourself Documents IT Department. We saw the need for a simple program that creates all domestic relation documents quickly, efficiently, for a great low price and allows the user to add it to additional computers at no additional costs.

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